Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Philosophy Hates Me

This fucking class. OMG it's awful. I registered at the last minute just so I could keep my full time student status, never imagining the hell that awaited me there. The professor is adorable, really. I am about 20 years his senior. Actually that applies to most of the other students in this class as well, average age 19 or so. So I slunk in two weeks after the first class, knowing I was behind, and have been trying ever since to make SENSE of the subject. That's just the problem, tho. Apparently, philosophy is not about "answers"... it's about "the argument." What the. So how are we supposed to get GRADES in this class? Or are grades subjective as well. Good, you know what? Premise One: I get good grades. Premise Two: I paid for this class. Conclusion: GIVE ME AN A, before I have an aneurism! Valid. Sound. My work here is done.

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